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Experience increased sexual confidence with male enhancement.

Special male enhancement therapies can help revamp your sex life by making your penis larger and thicker and increasing your sexual sensation. At ReShape LLC, Dr. Anthony Macasieb, a board-certified internist and aesthetic doctor, offers effective techniques that can enlarge your penis and boost your confidence. If you’re a man in Mooresville, North Carolina, consider your male enhancement options by booking an appointment at our medical spa today.

Male Enhancement in Mooresville, North Carolina

An Introduction to the P-Shot™

The P-Shot™ is a form of platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), which uses platelets from your blood to stimulate cell growth. The P-Shot™ can help enlarge penile tissue, treat erectile dysfunction, and increase sensation.

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Many men with erectile dysfunction struggle to find a way to treat their condition. If you have certain heart problems, you may be unable to take traditional erectile dysfunction medications. The P-Shot™ is a nonpharmaceutical option, and it is safe for most men.

PRP therapy helps to promote cell growth and boost collagen production naturally. Pharmaceuticals may cause side effects, while surgical procedures usually require a recovery period. PRP therapy is a natural option, as it uses your own blood. It rejuvenates your body without harsh medications or surgery.

The P-Shot™ can help make tissue firmer, more sensitive, and more youthful. Men who have had the P-Shot™ often notice that their penis has increased in both length and girth. Men also report increased sexual responses and stronger orgasms after receiving the shots. PRP therapy can help increase sexual function, relieve genital discomfort, and more.

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If you are interested in finding out more about male enhancement and what it entails, reach out to us at ReShape LLC today!

At ReShape LLC, our medical spa offers male enhancement services to residents of Mooresville, Lake Norman, Davidson, Denver, and Huntersville, North Carolina.


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