Skin Treatments Overcome Wrinkles, But You Can Also Prevent Them While You Sleep

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It is pretty challenging to beat back the effects of time on our skin, and while there are skin treatments available to overcome wrinkles and lines, there are some things you can do to prevent them while you sleep. If you have ever woken up with “pillow face”, you know that how you sleep can have an effect on your face. Here are a few tips for preventing wrinkles while you sleep.

skin treatments available to overcome wrinkles and lines

  • Sleep Position – If you continually leave your face in contact with the pillow, those pillow lines can produce lines that don’t fade in the minutes and hours after you rise. Consider sleeping on your back, which incidentally is better for back health too! Also, try to keep your hands and arms away from your face as they can also put too much pressure on your face, resulting in wrinkles over time.
  • Change Pillow and Pillowcase – The pillow and pillowcase you use can be counterproductive to a great complexion. Consider products designed to minimize wrinkles, such as a satin pillowcase that prevents facial creases and imprints.
  • Use Appropriate Beauty Products – Nighttime masks and creams can go a long way to keeping your skin firm and in place while you sleep. Also consider anti-aging products that stimulate collagen.
  • Get Enough Sleep – It isn’t just your mind and body that recharges when you sleep. Your skin’s health also depends on you getting sufficient sleep.

These tips can help you prevent wrinkles while you sleep, but if you already have some fine lines and none of the products you have used seem to be working, the best solution is contacting us at ReShape LLC to learn about our skin treatments that can turn back the clock. We can help you achieve nearly instantaneous results that can boost your confidence. If you would like to learn more about the options that we have available, contact us today to schedule a consultation.