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ReShape is committed to delivering powerful treatments that help you look and feel your best, inside and out. With so many threats to health from our environment and modern lifestyles, there has never been a better time to come see us and find out what we can do for you! We met up with Wendy Macasieb to talk about what’s new, what’s hot, and what ReShape is doing to help keep their clients and patients in tip-top shape.

Vitamin C IV Treatments

ReShape Vitamin C IV treatments are designed to help boost your immune system, helping to prevent illness and lessen the severity and duration of illness if you do get sick. By maximizing the amount of absorbed vitamins you take in, you get more of the benefits, which is why IV treatments like this are so popular! The “Excalibur” IV treatment contains:

·         20g of vitamin C

·         High doses of B vitamins including folic acid or vitamin B9

·         Magnesium

ReShape’s staff and families use these treatments themselves once a week to help stay healthy and ward off illness, and they recommend patients, especially those at higher risk of illness, do so as well! The typical treatment schedule runs as follows:

·         Initial treatment

·         Follow-up treatment a week later

·         Treatments monthly thereafter

·         Elderly patients, those who just underwent surgery or those with immune deficiencies may benefit from having these treatments weekly rather than monthly.

Be sure to ask about ReShape’s package deals for IV treatments of 4 or more!

Joint and Muscle Health

ReShape proudly offers a range of treatments to help promote joint and muscle health, mitigating the damage we do to our bodies from everyday activities like sitting, running, and weightlifting. These treatments include:

·         Steroid treatments to help alleviate discomfort caused by injury to joints

·         Shockwave noninvasive electrotherapy to promote extra blood flow to muscles and the genitalia, boosting performance in our everyday lives and in more intimate settings

·         Platelet-rich plasma procedures which use the patient’s own blood as the basis for an injectable joint treatment which helps regenerate and rejuvenate the joints

COVID-19 News

ReShape remains open and ready to serve the public during the COVID-19 crisis. We are taking all possible precautions to ensure the health of our staff and patients, including:

·         Taking temperatures at the door

·         Practicing social distancing insofar as possible in a therapeutic setting

·         Urging people who are ill to remain home

·         Curbside IVs for patients who are uncomfortable coming into the building

·         Using immunity boosters like the vitamin C IV treatments described above

So far, ReShape has had no patients who underwent immune treatments report COVID-19 symptoms. Everyone seems to be doing well and staying healthy, which is a great sign!

Quicksilver Vitamins

ReShape is proud to offer the Quicksilver line of oral vitamins. These liposomal vitamins are designed to be rapidly absorbed by the body, allowing patients to obtain greater benefits and far higher absorption than with conventional OTC vitamins. Some of these treatments include:

·         Vitamin C

·         Vitamin B

·         EDTA

·         Vitamin D

·         NADs

·         Elderberry and liposomal vitamin C

·         A new treatment releasing soon which includes vitamin A, C, D, E and K

We’re very pleased to offer high-quality products that help keep our patients looking and feeling their best!

Questions and Answer

While talking with Wendy, we received a question from our ReShape Facebook audience. The patient wants to know, “I’ve never had IV vitamin treatments before. What should I expect when I come in?”

Wendy says if you’ve never been to ReShape’s practice before, they can either do a blood draw in the office or you can bring the results of the most recent bloodwork from your physician or healthcare practitioner. This is an important step because Dr. Macasieb can create a formulation specific to your body chemistry, including kidney function and other key indicators.

When you arrive at the clinic, simply ring the doorbell. A ReShape staff member will come out and take your temperature. Once we’ve made sure you’re not feverish, we bring you into the clinic. We have soft music playing, gentle lighting, and comfortable recliners. We can even give you a warm neck wrap! You can relax and kick your feet back, knowing you’re in good hands and doing something really great for your health.

Once you’re all set, we will insert the IV and get started. It takes 30-45 minutes, depending on the size of the vein we’re using and other factors. For a first-time patient, we will start out slower to monitor your reactions. We’ve never had any issues with patient health or safety, but there is always a credentialed physician onsite while procedures are being done and we are equipped with a full crash cart, should it be necessary. In addition, Wendy is a registered nurse, so we are fully staffed and prepared in the event something does go wrong.

To learn more about ReShape and how our line of treatments can help you achieve optimum health for every part of your body, click here to contact us or call (704) 657-1337 today!