Dr. Anthony Macasieb From ReShape discusses the benefits of IV Therapy And Other Wellness Strategies

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We recently sat down with ReShape’s chief medical officer and founder, Dr. Anthony Macasieb to discuss the benefits of IV therapy and other wellness strategies, especially with the threat of COVID and other illnesses hitting so close to home right now. Dr. Macasieb says IV therapy in conjunction with a global, holistic wellness plan can actually help reduce your exposure to illness and disease and help you feel better overall.

“Number one, you want to try to treat your body from the inside,” Dr. Macasieb says. “There’s a lot of things you can take externally, but in order to boost your immune system, there’s a lot of nutrients that start to become deficient, especially if you are exposed to or have a viral infection. One of them is Vitamin C.

“Vitamin C is well-known to have increased sensitivity to viruses. It really helps to combat viruses a little bit indirectly, by boosting your own immune system to attack those viruses, so Vitamin C is critically important. Zinc is important as well, and so is Vitamin D3. What we do at ReShape is, we combine these vitamins into an intravenous form and give it to you so we can help you combat these viruses.”

Dr. Macasieb notes that while IV therapy is an important component of boosting immunity, it’s by no means the only one. There are other things you can and should do to make sure your immune system is working at peak efficiency.

“Make sure that you’re getting good rest, that you’re sleeping well,” Dr. Macasieb says. “Also, make sure your stress level isn’t too high, because when your stress level is high, your immune system goes down. So you want to make sure your stress level is under control. One more thing: you want to make sure you’re eating well and that you’re getting exercise.”

He stresses that eating well may give you the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals—but for many people, that may not be enough. “The recommended daily allowances [also known as RDAs, suggested intake as given by the US Food and Drug Administration] are only so that you don’t get a disease [such as scurvy, which is caused by acute Vitamin C deficiency]. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will ensure optimum health or the optimal-maximum ability for your immune system to perform. So we like to boost up those vitamins, maximize your health so you can have the best battle against those viruses.”

Dr. Anthony Macasieb has been serving the Mooresville area for over 25 years. A board-certified internist, he has the qualifications and skills to help you ensure you’re in your best physical condition. To learn more about Vitamin C IV therapy or the other health and beauty-boosting offerings ReShape has available, visit https://myreshape.com or call (704) 657-1337 today!